Yuji Sakuma


1. General

First of all, I have been appreciating Mr.Masa Igata to give me the amazing opportunity for having internship experience in one of the most emerging country in terms of economic growth based on the mining sector's development. The life style there was so different from the one I had had in Japan till that time, especially in the contrast economic situation between Mongolian highly growing economic power backed by so "young generation" and Japanese little or negative growing economy as a "middle age" or "matured" society. During staying in Mongolia, I tended to imagine that energy of Mongolian society as a whole would have been similar or close to what Japanese society had had during outstanding economic growth age in 1960s-1970s as "Miracle Age of Japan".

In short, what I could feel and see there were the energy of the society, youth of the society (average age of people is about 25. In Japan, it is about 45 and hope of the society with amazing economic growth, as if the society itself would have the life of animal like "wolf" of Mongolian national animal.

2. Life in working

The smaller size of institution at Frontier LLC with only selected professionals it is, the more outstanding opportunity provided by Mr. Masa we can have.In my case, I was given great opportunity for writing and publishing the investment guide book for Mongolian securities for Japanese investors by interviewing with the Prime minister, cabinet member, and many CEOs. Additionally, since society as a whole is so younger than developed country, we can find many business opportunities. Some of my friend already started their own business in 20s or early 30s.

3. Life as MBA student

Having internship under CEO directly in international investment bank would provide MBA students for better opportunity for  job hunting after it, and many of us actually did it.Your career would be highly positioned with professional financial career at Frontier.

4. Life in private life

The university I joined from to Frontier internship was International University of Japan, which had many MBA students from Mongolia. And many young people in Mongolia can speak Japanese, amazingly. In my case, I got many local friend who even suggested me to take new action to create our business, and I think we can do it. On the other hand, there are some of risks such as heavy and dangerous car traffic in central Ulaanbaatar city and robbery I met in the midnight. But, in my opinion, these risks are the tradeoff for widening future business opportunities.

5. Summary

If you would have opportunity for having internship in Mongolia, I highly recommend you to try doing so. Your internship life at Frontier LLC would lead your career to be much wider, diversified, and more colorful!

Yuji Sakuma