Ekkaphap Thengtrirat


Prior to deciding to join Frontier LLC during summer 2011 as a summer intern, I felt deeply curious about what this boutique investment bank doing business in one of the world's fastest economies would have to offer me. I was told, "3 months working at Frontier in Mongolia is equivalent to 3 years of IB working experience at other typical IB houses." As a then MBA student inspired to develop my career in investment banking industry, I really doubted if the statement was exagerrated, or at best overstated. However, after considering all other alternatives for my summer internship, I decided to give Frontier a shot. 3 months of working experience in Mongolia, why not? At the end, I found that I made the right decision. After 3 months at Frontier, I was exposed to a very dynamic and fast-changing market environment in a wide range of industries from cement manufacturing and mining to retailing and IT. Working for a smaller company also allowed me to be deeply engaged in the work, to cultivate a close-knit relationship with other intern colleagues in a multi-cultural team setting, and provided me with an endless amount of learning and exposure. I was enabled to have a hands-on experience in various functions of investment banking operations - from front-office deal pitching to equity research.

Additionally, at Frontier, our entrepreneurial spirit is truly encouraged, and leadership role is defined by creative ideas, personal engagement and motivation to add value to our clients, not only by the job title. As you are seeking for a meaningful internship experience, I personally would like to encourage you to consider an internship opportunity at Frontier. I am certain that your IB internship with Frontier in Mongolia would not only be a productive and fruitful learning experience, but also be an exciting and fun journey for your personal and professional development. 

Ekkaphap Thengtrirat