Mubashir Qasim



Frontier LLC proved to be best place for me to put my theoretical knowledge of Applied Economics into real world practice during my summer internship in 2011. The most exciting part of this period was my key task to write a report on Mongolian macroeconomic environment. Other than professional life, living in Mongolia, experiencing nomadic culture and learning new values made this experience unforgettable.

As my internship project, I was assigned to report write Mongolian Macroeconomic Outlook in collaboration with another intern from Honk Kong University of Science and Technology. Frontier supported us at every step of our assignment by directly linking us with key regulating and monitoring authorities to construct clear understanding of the dynamics of Mongolian economy. While carrying out this project, we were able to interview key parliamentarians; economists at the Bank of Mongolia, the head of IMF Mongolia and several other people in major mining companies. In addition, globally hired group of inters and professional local staff made the environment very conductive for learning and professional development.  As a definite outcome, project was held in very conductive environment and the report earn significant appreciation.

Living in Mongolia also imprinted fascinating memories in my mind forever. All of us were provided luxurious condominiums furnished with modern comforts of life for free. Incomparable Mongolian food, panoramic views of the city, breathing nature in unique landscapes, experience of Nadaam festival, night life in Mongolia, Nomadic culture and much more were never to miss opportunities.

Finally, I would say Frontier’s global business connection, friendly Mongolian colleagues, and international group of inters hired annually provided excellent environment for professional development; and provision of round air ticket, luxurious accommodation in heart of the city, and handsome monthly stipend and enabled me to enjoy every minute of my stay in Mongolia.

Thanks Frontier

Mubashir Qasim