Frontier_newswire Nov 14-20

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines:


  • S.Zorig murder case goes to court
  • Prime Minister receives ambassadors
  • Former Speaker to lead Mongolian DP
  • Former Prime Minister denies offshore allegations

Dalai Lama Visit

  • Dalai Lama preaches in Mongolia, risking China's fury
  • Dalai Lama Arrives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • China orders neighbouring Mongolia to scrap Dalai Lama visit

Foreign Relations

  • Ambassadors of EU member-states to Mongolia assembling
  • Visa-free ’diplomatic’ travel begins between Japan and Mongolia
  • Mongolia will accede to the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement
  • ‘ASEM Day’ to be marked in October

Foreign Trade

  • External trade balance resulted in surplus
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture reports on meat exports


  • Mongolia’s economy shrinks in first nine months as it discusses bail-outs
  • The dollar stabilizes at 2560 tugrik
  • 2017 state budget approved
  • Strong US dollar falters against Mongolian tugrik
  • National CPI slightly goes down
  • NSO reports on the economy for the first 10 months of 2016


  • CJ Foodville Opens 2 Tous les Jours Stores in Mongolia
  • Norway-Mongolia Friendship Community organizes business forum
  • Mongolia to privatise six state-owned enterprises


  • Kincora Copper Outlines Strategy for Tier 1 Copper Porphyry Asset in Mongolia
  • Mining restarts at TerraCom’s BNU coal mine in Mongolia
  • How Booming Coal Is Reigniting Mongolian Growth
  • Copper prices increase
  • Mongolia makes up 11 percent of China’s coal import

Oil & Gas

  • Petro Matad taps into Mongolian oil field containing up to 23bn barrels


  • Contract signed for construction of Bulgarian greenhouse in Mongolia
  • Mongolian and Norwegian reindeer herding communities to cooperate
  • Taiwan expresses interest in importing sea buckthorn
  • About 61 million livestocks to be overwintered
  • Mongolia to fully cover domestic consumptions of wheat and potatoes


  • Ambassador in London holds reception for Mongolian tourism reps to WTM 2016


  • Construction process of new airport project is at 99 percent


  • Cabinet permits signing concession agreement on Tsagaansuvarga power supply


  • ‘UB Resort’ to open at Khui Doloon Khudag

Company News

  • What’s in Mongolia Growth Group Ltd After Reaching 52-Week Low?
  • Copper experts credited with multiple Tier 1 discoveries join Kincora's team
  • Rio Tinto terminates the contract of Energy & Minerals chief executive Alan Davies

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