Frontier_newswire June 20-26

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines:


  • Late Changes to Mongolia’s Election Law Raise Concerns Ahead of Next Week’s Polls
  • Cabinet meeting in brief

President’s attendance at SCO meeting

  • President leaves to attend tripartite meeting and SCO Summit
  • Xi Jinping Meets with President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj of Mongolia
  • President addresses SCO meeting
  • Ts.Elbegdorj meets his counterpart of Uzbekistan
  • President Ts.Elbegdorj returns home

Foreign Relations

  • Ambassadors of Italy and India present their credentials to President Ts.Elbegdorj


  • Commerce department seeks Cabinet nod to expand Asia-Pacific Trade Pact
  • Cabinet discusses financing for Good Shares program
  • Mongolia ranked 60th in leading global competitiveness report
  • 960 thousand people sell their TT shares to government


  • AmCham to host 3rd annual U.S Trade Mission
  • US Government to support the SMEs
  • Brazil-Mongolia Chamber of Commerce established
  • Mongolia-Japan trade facilitated under EPA
  • Mongolian entrepreneurs to meet U.S. President Barack Obama


  • Mongolia’s Development Bank becomes partner of SCO Interbank Consortium
  • Khan Bank Foundation implements Neonatal Unit 2 Project


  • China, Russia, Mongolia endorse development plan on economic corridor


  • Food and Agriculture Ministry to develop greenhouse farming

Oil & Gas

  • Mongolia to consider oil industry cooperation with Russia’s Tatarstan Republic


  • Aspire and ETT work together to add value to Mongolian met coal
  • Bayan Khundii, Mongolia: 8.3m grading 14.3g/t Au from 0.7m depth (BKD-44)
  • Xanadu Mines Ltd raises $12.2M for copper gold discoveries in Mongolia
  • Mongolia to cooperate with Chile in mining


  • Agreement approved on terms for railway transit transport
  • Railbus to serve in Khushig Valley Airport route


  • Draft investment agreement on TT Power Plant finalized
  • Erdenes Mongol and General Electric to cooperate on mining, energy and infrastructure projects
  • World Energy Council welcomes Mongolia as its newest member committee


  • Cabinet supports Mongolia-Russia freight transit transportation


  • Air Busan opens Busan-Ulaanbaatar route

Animal Husbandry

  • Livestock population reaches largest ever number


  • UB city participates in Hong Kong’s “International Travel Expo”
  • Statement on study Land Administration and Management in Ulaanbaatar

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