Frontier_newswire May 09-15

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines:


  • President Ts.Elbegdorj to visit South Korea
  • President Park to Meet with Mongolian Leader Next Thursday
  • Korea-Mongolia summit to be held on May
  • Cabinet meeting in brief
  • Some candidates in 2016 parliamentary elections identified
  • Chairman of Mongolian Liberal Party joins DP

Foreign Relations

  • ASEM engages media to bridge information deficit
  • Montsame: Mongolia, Bulgaria continue inter-govt cooperation programme
  • Mongolia and Netherlands hold Foreign Ministries consultative meeting
  • Constituencies and number of mandates for 2016 parliamentary elections fixed

Foreign Trade 

  • Japanese cars to be freed from customs tax
  • More mutton for China to be shipped in June
  • Chinese initiative to stimulate Mongolian imports
  • Q1: balance of trade figures
  • Mongolia has exported some 1000 tons of meat


  • $287 million investment program for Mongolia
  • Mongolia set to pay $70m to end Khan mine dispute-source
  • Info given on EPA to business people
  • Budget deficit: MNT 663.6 billion


  • Offshore accounts of Mongolians revealed
  • Business firms’ ability to manage people weakest trait
  • Czech companies are here to do business: “Expo Mongolia 2016” exhibition


  • Shinhan Card to Provide Big Data Consulting for Golomt Bank of Mongolia


  • Xanadu Mines Ltd: Broker maintains Speculative Buy, increases price target
  • Could this revelation send Rio Tinto plc soaring?

Oil & Gas

  • Could Petro Matad Limited Gain Strenght? The Stock Reaches 52-Week Low
  • Import tax on diesel fuel to zero at some borders checkpoints


  • Key victory in campaign to save Lake Baikal from Mongolian 'eco-threat'
  • KEPCO KDN Signs MOU to Establish 50MW Solar Power Plant in Mongolia


  • Tax incentive for wheat farmers


  • Accident: MIAT B738 at Khovd on May 3rd 2016, rejected takeoff due to runway excursion
  • Direct flight to be made from Ulaanbaatar to Frankfurt


  • Ulaanbaatar’s ASEM streets
  • “Good fence” program approved
  • Ulaanbaatar promoted at "Seoul Friendship Fair-2016" in Korea
  • New branch of Capital Public Service Center established
  • Ulaanbaatar city to expand cooperation with Erenhot in several areas

Company News

  • Oyu Tolgoi LLC named as top taxpayer of Mongolia

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