Frontier_newswire April 11-17

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines:


  • Polices break into MP Kh.Battulga`s room            
  • Cabinet meeting in brief              
  • MPP leaders gather       
  • Justice Union meets to appoint new leader        
  • Anti-corruption chief to resign  
  • Civil Will Green Party to discuss alliance

Foreign Relations

  • SCO Summit May Consider Russia-Mongolia-China Economic Corridor Project    
  • Belarusian president awarded with Golden Star order   
  • Mongolian delegation visits Czech Republic        
  • Diplomatic ties established with Saint Kitts and Nevis     
  • Ambassador of Laos presents diplomatic credentials      

Russian FM’s Visit

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to visit Mongolia              
  • Lavrov Starts Mongolia Visit Meeting With Counterpart Lundeg Purevsuren
  • Lavrov holding talks with his Mongolian counterpart in Ulan Bator
  • Mongolia and Russia map out medium-term relations
  • Lavrov: Moscow hopes to restore relations with Washington
  • Russia, Mongolia Work Out Possibility of Ruble Loan to Ulaanbaatar - Lavrov


  • 2016 Asia Foundation Development Fellows Embark on Year-Long Fellowship in Korea and Mongolia
  • PM to make statement on debt of Mongolia
  • WB: East Asia Pacific growth remains resilient in face of challenging global environment
  • Indian loan to Mongolia
  • Economic Situation in Mongolia as of Mar 2016
  • IMF forecasts 0.4% economic growth


  • Census of legal entities underway


  • Asia distancing itself from large banknotes

Oil & Gas

  • Mongolia, new buyer of Iranian crude

Animal Husbandry

  • Mongolia’s livestock industry hit by harsh winter


  • Feasibility studies of huge renewable energy project presented
  • “Khovsgol thermal power station” state-run company to be established


  • MIAT to perform flights to Hovd aimag starting Apr 16


  • Apartment price continues to fall


  • A green agenda: EU Ambassador meets Mayor Bat-Uul
  • UB “city tax”
  • Public transportation companies demand payment from UB authorities
  • “Ulaanbaatar Spring”: 7000 celebrate birthday of DP

Company News

  • Entree Gold Incorporated (NYSEMKT:EGI) Shorted Shares Decreased By 23.99%
  • Turquoise Hill Resources Limited (NYSE:TRQ) Shorted Shares Increased 45.26% After Market Selling
  • Analyst Review: Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (NYSE:TRQ)
  • Erdenes OT’s Executive Director says hundreds of Mongolians will be hired starting in July

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