Frontier_newswire Mar28-Apr03

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines:


  • Prime Minister works in Sukhbaatar aimag          
  • Cabinet meeting in brief              
  • Police took the demonstrators at Chinggis square            
  • DP group calls a meeting              
  • Non-regular Parliamentary Session: Government postpones debate?   
  • NLP confident as new chairman elected               
  • State Great Khural: Speaker announces spring-session debate schedule              
  • Civil Will Green Party: who to join?         
  • Parliament’s irregular session cancelled due to MPP boycott      
  • Mongolian president blames politicians for blocking China-based joint mining projects  

Foreign Relations

  • Mongolian-South Korean Inter-Governmental meeting
  • Mongolia-Russia diplomatic anniversary marked in Irkutsk           
  • FM L.Purevsuren on visit to Kuwait         
  • L.Purevsuren FM meets his counterpart in Abu Dhabi    
  • French Ambassador visits Erdenet          
  • Ambassador to Malaysia presents diplomatic credentials             
  • Scholarships to remain as main aspect of Mongolia-Australia cooperation


  • WB Country director gives lecture on anniversary celebration of bilateral partnership     
  • Preliminary balance of payment in Feb 2016       
  • ADB: Mongolia’s Growth Moderates amid Global Uncertainties
  • USD 500 million governmental bonds issued       
  • Moody's assigns B2 rating to Mongolia's Medium Term Note Program   


  • How different is the 1st Annual BCM Summit from other conferences? 
  • “Darkhan International Development Forum” starts       

Mongolian Economic Forum

  • Mongolia Economic Forum 2016 starts   
  • MEF 2016: Development Partnership - Past, Present and Future               
  • MEF 2016: Lean and Capable Government          
  • MEF 2016: Green Business          
  • MEF 2016: Mongol Dream           
  • Second day of MEF 2016 starts  
  • MEF 2016: Plenary session on Business Environment     
  • MEF 2016: Plenary session on Safe food-Sustainable business  
  • MEF 2016: Plenary session on Women`s leadership      
  • MEF 2016: Break out session on Innovation-Business Opportunity
  • MEF 2016: Break out session on Project Financing      
  • MEF 2016: Plenary session on Sustainable Development Policy 2030


  • New CEO of Khan Bank appointed
  • Khan Bank Named National Top Employer – Best Social Insurance Premium Payer


  • Mongolia Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016 takes place
  • Model agreement between local administrators and mining permit holders adopted
  • About 200 thousand ton coal exported in February
  • Ministry of Mining to cooperate with Canadian "MERIT" project
  • Mining to be established based on 27,8 million tonnes coal deposit         

Oil & Gas

  • How Analysts Feel About Petro Matad Limited After Reaching 52-Week Low?


  • Mongolia will sow 323 thousand hectares of crops


  • Taiwanese cooperation: sea buckthorn plant investment             
  • “Lighting up the world with LED lights”  

Animal Husbandry

  • Mongolia welcomes 2.7 million newborn animals             


  • Erdenet thermal power plant expansion to finish within a year  


  • Some 30 km roads to be constructed this year   


  • Transportation Minister signs a cooperation agreement with South Korea           


  • Khushig Khundii Airport highway: construction to start April        
  • "Domestic flights will not be interrupted during ASEM Summit"


  • Action plan approved for realizing document on UB development           
  • Nearly 30 thousand hectare land will be distributed to citizens   

Company News

  • ADB Loan to Erdenes Mongol Will Support Economic Diversification Drive             
  • “Southgobi Sands” begins to pay             
  • Rio Tinto’s New CEO Looks to Invest in Copper Over Iron Ore      

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