Frontier_newswire June 22-28

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines: 


  • President Elbegdorj Attends Opening Ceremony of Extension of Erdenet Mining Corporation    
  • President about His Amendments to Law on State Service          
  • President of Myanmar U Thein Sein Arrives in Ulaanbaatar for State Visit             
  • Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg pays a working visit to the United States              
  • Prime Minister Meets US Congressmen               
  • PM Ch.Saikhanbileg visits Microsoft Corporation's Innovation and Policy Center
  • Premier Visits JP Morgan Bank  
  • Mongolian PM Meets John McCain        
  • Mongolian PM and World Bank COO Meet          
  • PM Ch.Saikhanbileg met with Vice President of the United States Mr. Joe Biden              
  • Premier Meets IFC and MIGA Authorities            
  • Ch.Saikhanbileg: Joint venture issues to be discussed at business level without interference of PM and President           
  • O.Baasankhuu: We are to examine if Minister M.Enkhsaihan abused his power
  • Belarus-Mongolia commission on trade and economic cooperation sit in Ulan Bator        
  • Cabinet Meeting in Brief              
  • G.Uyanga: Number of MPs supporting dismissal of Ch.Saikhanbileg is not reaching 19     

Foreign Relations             

  • Three Neighbors Hold Meeting on Global Peace               
  • Myanmar president to visit Mongolia    
  • Mongolia Opens Consulate in China's Inner Mongolia     

Foreign Trade    

  • Foreign trade decreased by 18 percent  


  • Bond issues from Mongolia and Bank of China worth US$3.7b break new ground             
  • World Bank to provide 100 million USD for Mongolia’s budget deficit      
  • Positive Trajectory         
  • Strategically Important Projects and Programs to Be Implemented with Japan   
  • World Bank lends 63 million US dollars to Mongolia         

Stock Exchange                

  • Mongolian Stock Exchange Sets Sights on the Top 100 Enterprises           
  • Construction companies to raise funds from the stock market   
  • MSE to Collaborate with NGO in Improving Corporate Governance         


  • SgurrEnergy appointed as owner’s engineer for construction of Mongolia’s Tsetsii wind farm     
  • 94.4 percent of energy consumption was produced domestically          


  • Rio Tinto to invest in Mongolia gold, copper mine this year          
  • EMC Workers Receive Awards from President  
  • Expansion of Erdenet Mining Corp. created 33 more jobs and increased revenues by MNT 240 billion     
  • Government recalls TT project draft agreement               
  • Mongolia to export coal to South Korea
  • R.Jigjid: Five companies have permission to extract uranium      
  • Mega Projects that are unknown             

Oil & Gas             

  • Petro Matad announces unconditional status of Mongolia farm-out agreement and provides operational update            


  • Discounted mortgage loans to continue               
  • Could real estate be the next emerging sector for investment? 


  • First Mongolia-Japan Forum of Agriculture to Run             


  • Ulaanbaatar: Regional Financial Hub?     
  • Asian Development Bank introduces Housing Project to Ulaanbaatar Officials    
  • Asian Development Bank: Ulaanbaatar related projects
  • E.Bat-Uul: UB Wants to Receive Advice from British Experts         

Company News                

  • Macmahon Holdings shares soar after sale of Mongolian operations       
  • Sharyn Gol commissions coal wash plant      

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