Frontier_newswire June 01-07

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines: 


  • President Receives Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan    
  • Prime Minister Greets Children
  • Mongolian PM Gives Interview to New York Times         
  • Premier Meets EITI Board Chairwoman
  • UNICEF Representative will support lobby group in State Great Khural  
  • Will DP have enough "courage" to dismiss the Cabinet once again            
  • Cabinet Meeting in Brief               

Foreign Relations             

  • Asia-Europe Foundation to support Mongolia with preparations for the 11th ASEM Summit        
  • R.Meredow to Visit Us 
  • Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Starts Visit     
  • Turkmenistan’s FM Concludes Visit        
  • European Union to implement project worth EUR 8.5 million in Mongolia              

Foreign Trade    

  • Allodium tender has announced in “Zamiin-uud” free zone          


  • Arab Investment Fund to be set up in August 2015          
  • Government employees are discharged from board of directors              
  • The consequences of lopsided growth   

Stock Exchange 

  • The Government bond worth MNT 30 billion traded       
  • Stock Exchange News for June 2              
  • Stock Exchange News for June 3              
  • Stock Exchange News for June 4              
  • Stock Exchange News for June 5
  • Stock Exchange Weekly Review 


  • Mongolian business representatives demand financial freedom                

Exchange Rate  

  • One gramm of gold costs MNT 73,579    
  • Dollar rate at MNT1890 


  • Mongolia’s mining sector “well placed” to grow
  • “Coal Program”
  • Mongolian coking coal may heat up        
  • Resolution on Gatsuurt Gold Deposit Submitted              
  • The Ministries of Industry, Mining and Energy of Mongolia and Erdenes Mongol LLC signed Cooperation Agreement                

Oil & Gas            

  • Mongolia explores for petroleum in two areas  
  • Turkmenistan Offers to Supply Gas to Mongolia                


  • Ministry of Industry Assigned to Develop Bill on Industrial Parks


  • Studies are being conducted on possible 10 percent mortgage deposit   


  • Shangri-La opens Mongolia hotel             
  • Hotels Will Get Loans, in Anticipation of ASEM Summit  
  • Cooperation to Widen between UB City and Switzerland              

Company News                

  • Khan Resources vs The Government of Mongolia: how to assess compensation for expropriation            
  • Erdene Private Placement Oversubscribed, Closes First Tranche of $1.15M and Increases Financing to $1.5M      
  • Guildford to acquire 80% in Mongolia coal and power station project  

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