Frontier_newswire March.30-April.03

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines: 


  • Mongolia’s Leader Takes to TV and Texting to Win Back Investment
  • N.Nazarbayev delivers Birthday Greetings to President
  • Spring session to open on April 6
  • Cabinet Meeting Resolutions in Brief: March 30, 2015  

Foreign Relations 

  • Ambassador of Belarus Stanislav Chepurnoy meets Mongolian Minister of Industry
  • Belarus, Mongolia to enhance trade, economic ties
  • Mongolia set to join China in WWII anniversary events
  • South Korean foreign affairs delegation visits Mongolia
  • Foreign Minister of Turkey, Mevlut Cavusoglu to Pay Official Visit to Mongolia on April 11-13, 2015
  • Prime Minister of India Expected to Visit Mongolia in May 2015
  • FM Pays visit to China 

Foreign Trade 

  • China proposes economic corridor with Russia and Mongolia
  • Bilateral meeting regarding free trades zones will be held next month 


  • Preliminary Balance of Payments for 2015
  • 220 article plan to overcome economic downturn
  • Average Salary increased to MNT 844 thousand
  • Economic Forum Starts to Restore Trust in Mongolia
  • Closing remarks of MEF 2015 by Z.Enkhbold, Speaker of the Parliament 

Stock Exchange 

  • Stock exchange news for March 30
  • Stock exchange news for March 31
  • Stock exchange news for April 2
  • Stock exchange news for April 3
  • Stock exchange weekly review 


  • Bank of Mongolia does not set the ATM fees
  • Outstanding and Non-performing loans increased
  • Golomt Bank appoints its Executive Director 


  • Private Sector Wants to Forward Mega Projects
  • Asian young businessmen to gather here 


  • Mongolia approves new phase of Rio Tinto mine project: PM
  • Mongolia must accept blame over Rio Tinto mine dispute – PM
  • EMC breaks mine drilling record
  • Main coal market players to attend Coal Mongolia 2015
  • "Erdenet" still Largest despite Amount of Mineral Extraction
  • Coal Mongolia to attract World Giants
  • Mongolia Mining 2015 taking place in Ulaanbaatar
  • Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi Extracting Half of All Export Coal 


  • Changes in the wool subsidies 


  • New hydroelectric facilities in Mongolia may harm Lake Baikal
  • Mongolia seeks to bridge power deficit
  • Energy sector representatives of Central Asia convene in Ulaanbaatar
  • Groundbreaking takes place for 115 million USD wind park
  • Baganuur Power Plant Concession Agreement to be signed 


  • Financing of the Yarmag Residential Area Approved
  • “Erdenet – Ovoot mine railway” project ready to start   
  • Price reductions for airplane fuel discussed 


  • Joint monitoring held on Ulaanbaatar-Darkhan highway
  • Mongolia and Korea Agree to Develop Intelligent Transportation System in Mongolia 


  • Baganuur and Nalaikh Districts of Ulaanbaatar Become First Satellite Cities of Capital City of Mongolia
  • Mongolia apologizes for attack on Chinese tourists by neo-Nazi group 

Company News 

  • Entree Gold CEO Gregory Crowe Sees Opportunity for Copper in Mongolia
  • Rio Tinto share price: CEO claims offer to Mongolian officials is final

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