Frontier_newswire March.09-13

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines:  


  • Premier gives interview to Financial Times
  • Ch.Saikhanbileg: “Mongolia is heading in the right direction”
  • Speaker of Parliament presented with activity at Oyu Tolgoi LLC
  • Speaker of Parliament of Mongolia to Pay Official Visits to Germany and Poland on Mach 14-21, 2015
  • Signs for petition to dismiss the President collected
  • Studies on Constitutional amendments are being conducted
  • Civil Will-Green Party celebrates its 15th anniversary
  • Cabinet Meeting in Brief
  • Cabinet considers Foreign Visits
  • Heads of AMH and COM appointed 

Foreign Relations 

  • OSCE Conference of Asian region to run
  • ASEM meeting National Council discussions
  • FM Addresses Disarmament Conference
  • Purevsuren attends Human Rights Council Session
  • FM Attends COD Governing Council Meeting
  • Japan to provide non-refundable aid
  • Ambassador of Belarus Stanislav Chepurnoy meets Vice Minister for Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia
  • Turkey to broaden cooperation with Mongolia in agriculture, transportation, education and food industries
  • Ambassador of Canada presents credentials 

Foreign Trade 

  • Made in Turkey center to operate at Altanbulag Free Trade Zone
  • 2015 Mongolia-Russia-China Trade Fair to Take Place in Ulgii Sum of Bayan-Ulgii Aimag
  • Counterfeit Goods under “Made in Mongolia” Labels No Longer to Import from Inner Mongolia, China 


  • Mongolia’s ‘third neighbor’
  • Participate in the Mongolian Economic Forum
  • Possible State Budget Adjustments expected at Spring Khural Session
  • Balance of payments for last quarter of 2014
  • Preliminary BoP for January 2015
  • Inflation rate reached 9.3%
  • External Trade Turnover in Statistics
  • Money supply in figures

Stock Exchange 

  • Stock exchange weekly review
  • Stock exchange news for March 9
  • Stock exchange news for March 10
  • Stock exchange news for March 11
  • Stock Exchange news for March 12
  • Stock exchange news for March 13 


  • Banks sign an agreement to implement principles of stable financing
  • Mongolia's State Bank to Issue Bond on International Stock Market Equivalent up to 300 Million USD
  • Mongolia-Rio Tinto Impasse: Could it be Over?
  • Negotiations drawn out over Mongolia's largest coal mine
  • Tavan Tolgoi stalled by Erdenes Tavan Togloi’s Chalco debt
  • Mongolia: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • EMC keeps its "Best Taxpayer" rank
  • Gold mining operations to gain Government support
  • Mongolia and North Korea Agree to Commence Partnership of Mongolia’s Export of Mineral Products 


  • Australia may join China-backed fund
  • Britain applies to join Chinese-led bank for Asia region 


  • Cooperation with Cuba to be expanded in Agricultural Sector 


  • State employees to qualify for lower down payments on new apartments
  • Housing Price Index in Ulaanbaatar declines by 5.06 percent 


  • MIAT Mongolia defers B737 order; eyes B787 for longhaul 


  • Road to Khushigt Valley Airport to be commenced in 2016
  • Khushigt Valley International Airport Highway to Be Accomplished by Q2/2016 Financed by Government of China
  • Construction of roads to be performed under concession contracts 


  • Cabinet Forwards to Construct Three Power Plants in Order to Supply with Reliable Energy and Reduce Energy Import Spending            
  • International Wind Energy and Environment Conference to be held in Mongolia 

Company News 

  • Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. Short Interest Disclosure
  • Guildford Coal marks first coal shipment
  • Oyu Tolgoi celebrates Mongolia’s best at ‘Gobi Gem’ awards 


  • Mongolia to observe Daylight Saving Time from March 28, 2015

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