Frontier_newswire 03.02-06

Today's Frontier Newswire consists of the following headlines:  


  • President of Mongolia Heads to Berlin, Germany
  • President attends Embassy building opening
  • Mongolian leader meets his German counterpart
  • President addresses Germany-Mongolia business forum
  • President at ITB Berlin Exhibition opening
  • V Freedom Online Coalition Ulaanbaatar 2015 Approaches
  • Standing committee on security and foreign policy reports
  • Ministry of Population Development and Social Welfare Reps visit USA
  • Minister D.Oyunkhorol Meets UNEP Secretary
  • Jeane J.Kirkpatrick award goes to S.Oyun
  • Cabinet meeting in brief
  • Average lifetime of Government is 28 months: Indication of need to revise the Constitution
  • Can MP G.Uyanga dismiss President?
  • Premier attends meeting of ACCM 

Foreign Relations 

  • Ambassador of Belarus Stanislav Chepurnoy meets Minister for Food and Agriculture of Mongolia
  • Diplomatic Academy holds Training
  • Mongolian Culture Days run in Indonesia
  • Vice FM receives Ambassador of Vietnam
  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair pays an official visit to Mongolia
  • Foreign Minister works in Geneva 


  • Mongolia wants free trade with Korea
  • Mongolia Proposes Germany to Study Possibilities for Establishing Economic Partnership Agreement
  • Economic Council meets
  • Government securities can be used as a tender guarantee
  • Balance of payments deficit USD 471 million in 2014
  • Number of taxpayers with declared income and revenue statements decreases by 20,000 


  • Municipality Center for promoting Small and Medium Enterprises signs MoUs 

Stock Exchange 

  • Settlement Cycle for Domestic Equity Market Switched to T+1
  • Stock exchange weekly review
  • Stock Exchange news for February 27
  • Stock exchange news for March 2
  • Stock exchange news for March 3
  • Stock exchange news for March 4
  • Stock Exchange news for March 5
  • Stock Exchange news for March 6 


  • Mortgage loan conditions won't be changed
  • EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti to Visit Mongolia in March 2015 


  • Mongolia’s Coal Chief Jailed for Abuse of Power, Embezzlement
  • SouthGobi Employees Depart Mongolia After Presidential Pardon
  • Discussion on Noyon Uul Held
  • Khan compensated for Mongolian expropriation
  • Mongolia fined $100M for expropriating uranium mine
  • SouthGobi Sands appeals
  • Mining Minister of Mongolia Attends 2015 PDAC International Convention in Toronto
  • Registration for Coal Mongolia 2015 Ongoing
  • Second World Clean Coal Conference, Mongolia to Take Place in Ulaanbaatar on May 14-15, 2015
  • Tavantolgoi Negotiations take break due to issues with Chalco Debt 


  • Mongolia seeks feasibility study of dam construction on Orkhon River
  • Consultative meeting of energy sector representatives underway
  • Government Approves Structure and Functions of Nuclear Energy Commission of Mongolia
  • Two Turkish companies operate in Energy Sector 


  • Mongolian carriers call for partnership with Lufthansa
  • Safe Distance between Aircrafts on High-Altitude Flights over Territory of Mongolia to Be 30 Km from March 16, 2015
  • Aviation fuel can be provided from second source
  • MIAT Mongolian Airlines Announces to Halt Flights to Singapore Due to Country's Ailing Economy 


  • Biological Diversity Monitoring Assessment in Umnugobi aimag 


  • Mongolia features at Berlin's ITB travel fair 

Company News 

  • Aspire Mining granted trading halt
  • Kincora Copper welcomes reinstatement of Mongolian gold licences with new 12-year terms
  • Guildford mulls Singapore listing, to relocate corporate office
  • Cogegobi ready to start uranium exploration this year
  • Minister of Industry meets with CEO of Oyu Tolgoi

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