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Current account deficit increases 1.5 times yoy, capital and financial account surplus increases 2.1 time yoy, official 1104
Rio will complete takeover of IVN gradually with no premium, to benefit from lesser Mongolian political risk 1477
Suspension of SouthGobi licenses could be politically motivated in the context of the elections 1044
Key anti-ruling party leader arrested - april 13, 2012 1140
TT shares sales/buyback process begins 1191
107 billion MNT (82 million USD) to be injected into the economy as social transfers to senior and 1031
Bank of Mongolia: wrong expectations are influencing MNT appreciation 1192
Mongolia is likely not to object to Southgobi/Chalco takeover 1149
Frontier Securities CEO: buy Mongolia now – before prices rise after elections euphoria 1727
Mongolia is successfully starting to engage Japan into strategic and economic partnership 2568
Multilaterals to Mongolia - be prepared, so far it seems that only Bank of Mongolia is listening 1286
Subsidized financing for 100 000 apartment program has officially began, to impact favorably property development, concrete and cement sector 1613
It would be wise for Mongolia to include HK for TT's possible triple listing 1369
Mongolian railroad authority official clarifies to frontier securities regarding reported delay of Mongolian rail plans 1497
Par value of TT shares is estimated to be 60 Cents 1333
IMF: too fast, short term growth in Mongolia leads to high inflation, exchange rate volatility, wage pressures, Dutch Disease, and the list goes on 2013
Deputy Finance Minister: Government is handing out taxpayers money to citizens saying “here it is “. Last year 590m USD, this year 517m USD 1860
BOM: not possible to accept request to appreciate the exchange rate 1474
ETT CEO: Parliaments usually don’t decide par value of the shares 1419
Ministers to research and implement proposal to "appreciate exchange to level before sudden depreciation” 1326