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Prospects of Mongolian coal and ETT valuation 2032
Preferred shares of Erdenes MGL to be issued to every citizen of Mongolia 1270
1.5 million USD have been raised so far from sales of ETT shares to national enterprises at 0.70usd per share, 60% of the population have applied to sell ETT shares to government at 0.70 USD per share 1102
Election outlook: odds are in DP's favor yet resource nationalism is to rise whichever party wins 1125
2012 election program of Democratic Party of Mongolia 1799
Key anti-ruling party leader and his son are refused registration as a nominees for parliament elections by general elections committee of Mongolia 977
No new mineral licenses will be issued in Mongolia for five years 1071
TT valued at 10 billion USD by government of Mongolia 1058
2012 election outlook report: undecided voters would be decisive 1191
2013 growth is officially forecasted at 19% 1099
Implementation of the law would be of critical importance, getting government permission is now official for Southgobi/Chalco, cash to be injected into economy tomorrow 1025
Foreign investment regulation law taskforce head: not retrospective, very flexible law, golden middle between interests of Mongolia and investors 1146
Cash injection equivalent to a quarter of currency in circulation is to hit the economy next week 1065
Bill to control foreign investment into strategic enterprises makes it to the floor of united session of parliament for final reading 1050
Bill to control foreign investment into strategic enterprises continues to rapidly advance in the parliament, government approves draft concession agreement for MMC’s railroad base structure 1192
Bill to control foreign investment into strategic sectors is softened, advances in the parliament, anti-corruption agency 1219
HK investment banker: Mongolian companies should “just do it” in HK 1139
Alternative new MPRP becomes parliamentary party, May 20th is deadline for citizens to apply to cash TT shares 1065
Southgobi (tsx: sgx, 1878 hk) / Winsway coking coal (1733 hk) / aluminum corporation of china limited(2600 hk)-bill to limit foreign investment into strategic sectors rapidly advances in the parliament 1085
Winsway (1733)/Chalco (2600)-Mongolian operations could be subject to proposed controls on foreign investment into enterprises with strategic significance to ensure national security 1284