Fixing the Gender Gap in Mongolia, May 2014

Although Mongolia has progressed in terms of women’s participation to various fields like education, health and even to politics recently, the penetration rate is not enough. We believe that more active participation of women to the societies will contribute to flourish the new business, thus contributing to activate the economy in Mongolia. Also, replacing the jobs which originally have been taken by men to women will make the societies more efficient IF women were not given the enough opportunities before JUST BECAUSE of the gender. However, it is also true that the country has been run by MEN for many years. And it is not easy for WOMEN to obtain the management skills that MEN have occupied for years.

Below are to explain the economic problems of the MEN only led societies, Global Gender Gap, opportunities for WOMEN to participate to the societies, the progress so far in Mongolia and future challenges to bring the initiatives to the next stage.

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