Opportunities for Japanese and Mongolian companies to work together, Feb 2014

This report is the script of the presentation which Mr. Tazaki, STR Partners has made at Frontier's conference in Tokyo. 

I am Tazaki of STR Partners. In the morning, we have talked about infrastructure, legal system and Mongolian economy. But I would like to give more specific discussion from myself, especially in non-mining area. Also, I would like to have a discussion with the panelists later on in a panel.

Let me introduce myself. I will come with English here for the non-Japanese speakers. I joined Ajinomoto Company and worked for the Bank Stock consulting group as a consultant. I was involved in the business management at the private equity business. I established this company ten years ago. I served professor at universities. Professor Khashchuluun
talked with me and I was serving as a professor at National University of Mongolia, Economics School. I served as a consultant providing consulting services to local companies. I spent two years in Mongolia. When there was a big discussion on railway and mine, I was also covering newspaper. It is like Asahi newspaper in Mongolia and I was covering articles. Last year, it was 40th Anniversary and I issued the book. They translated that into Mongolian and issued in Mongolia. I understand that it was quite an issue. Now, let me cover main topic.

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