10 FAQs of Japanese investors on Mongolia, Oct 2013

After series of meetings in Japan in the last few months, I have encountered similar questions on Mongolia. Below are “10 Frequently Asked Questions” from various investors, service providers and companies based in Japan.

  • Strong political ties exist between Mongolia and Japan. But what are the background of the relation and how sustainable the relation?
  • Abenomics effect and emergence of investments by Japanese to Frontier markets will help Japanese investors to look for opportunities in Mongolia as well. Lots of high growth investment opportunities which Japanese investors have never encountered exist in Mongolia as well. However, risks remain. So, what are the key for success for investments in Mongolia?
  • Favorable bilateral relation makes it easier for Japanese investors to find their partners. Nevertheless, why many Japanese investors have failed in Mongolia in the past? And, what will be important to avoid those mistakes?
  • Progress of the project finance of Oyu Tolgoi and its impact to the Mongolian Economy.
  • Slowdown of Global Commodities Market and its implications to Resource Nationalism in Mongolia and other Resource Rich Countries.
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Financing Green Growth in Mongolia for Japanese Investors.
  • Will Issuance of Samurai Bond be successful?
  • Potentialities of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and other Mongolian companies' listing at Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Legal Environment of Mongolia.
  • Commitment by the Government of Mongolia to Japanese Investors.

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