Top 10 Things Investors Should Watch In Mongolia Now, September 2013

After the short summer in August, Mongolia is ready to go back to usual. Parliament will reopen, Ministries’ staff will come back to work and school will restart etc. At the same time, many important subjects that have been pending during summer will be discussed at cabinet, parliament and between business communities in a near future. Below is the “Top 10 Most Important Things Investors Should Watch in Mongolia for the remainder of the year” which Frontier’s Research team has selected.

This report explains the following into the detail:

  1. Progress of the dialogue between RIO and OT regarding the project finance
  2. Can TT deliver 7.5mil Tons of Coal this year as promised? Will be the dispute of TT with Chalco over soon? Can Mongolian Coal become profitable again?
  3. Will the new “Investment Law” and the “Investment Fund law” pass the diet? Are these laws really friendly to Investors?
  4. Will Mongolian Banking system and Government take measures to restore credibility from investors?
  5. Economy: What will be the initiatives to stop the weak trend of FDI and trade figures? The implications of weaker Currency and the measures to stop the trend
  6. Implications of Prime Minister’s Visit to Japan
  7. Progress of the Infrastructure projects. Roads are underway. What’s next?
  8. Strong Real Estate Market backed by 8% Mortgage. How long will it last?
  9. Tax reform and its implications
  10. Green Mongolia

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