Frontier's Invest Mongolia guidebook (August 2013)

We are pleased to share our Mid Year Book of Frontier Strategy Report published from Jan-Aug 2013. The book is a compendium of the following reports:

  1. Will you invest North Korea through Mongolia?
  2. Mongolian Coal Sector
  3. Political Outlook of Mongolia
  4. Why Mongolia Rail will not be successful?
  5. Resource Nationalism in Mongolia
  6. Mongolian Economic Outlook Update
  7. Myanmar and Mongolia
  8. Cooler Investment Climate in Mongolia for this summer. Why?
  9. Investing Japanese Real Estate Market
  10. Mongolian Investment Strategy
  11. Doing Business in Mongolia
  12. The Smartphone revolution and its impact to Mongolia
  13. Updates on Mongolian Banking Industry
  14. Updates on foreign Listed Mongolian Companies
  15. Investment Policy Review of Mongolia
  16. Green Mongolia
  17. Japanese prime Minister’s visit to Mongolia
  18. Mongolia’s Achilles Tendon
  19. Will Made in Mongolia be a Brand?
  20. An update on Oyu Tolgoi


The Mid Year Book (full pack of all above insightful reports) is available at only HALF PRICE of the individual report at ONLY USD200.

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