Cooler Investment Climate in Mongolia for this Summer. Why? May 23. 2013

There are many reasons NOT to invest Mongolia. Investors have been particularly concerned about Foreign Investment law, New Mining law and the attitude of New Government to Foreign investors as a whole. But, recently, Government has started to realize the problem and they might take measures to facilitate foreign investors to invest in Mongolia in a future. That is why we have revised down our economic forecast for this year to 6% and yet, increased the risk weight of Mongolia recently. Good news could be the launch of the New Investment Law, New Securities Law and the approval of the Government on project financing for Oyu Tolgoi etc. We believe achieving these are not that easy (especially the agreement on OT), but, these could all happen by the end of this year (Hopefully!).

However, with all these, will the “Blue Sky” come back to the investment climate in Mongolia?

In fact, we feel more positive on the policies but we are more concerned about external factors recently. 

Followings are concerns and questions about external factors.

  1. What are the outlook for major commodities that are important for Mongolia?
  2. What are the economic outlook of neighboring countries and other important nations for Mongolia ?
  3. Which Resource Rich Country is doing relatively well recently in the world and why?

In conclusion, we will explain about implications to investors in Mongolia.

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