Smartphone revolution and its impact to Mongolia, April 26. 2013

Smartphones and tablets are selling well in Mongolia. According to an industry expert, the market share of smartphones has reached 10% already and the shares is expected to increase significantly in a future driven by the introduction of cheaper devices and the launch of new applications. However, the wave of smartphone has just started in Mongolia.The majority of

people are not familiar with the usage of the devices yet. Many of them still use voice and SMS only. But, with the introduction of more applications in Mongolian and local payment system, the customer behavior is expected to change significantly in 2-3years.

Speaking of eCommerce and mCommerce in Mongolia, the size is still very small compared with developed countries.However, we believe they will grow dramatically in the next few years exceeding the rate of growth of developed countries.


The reasons are because of


1. Increasing share of cheap tablets.

2. Introduction of many new applications in Mongolian.

3. More local payment processings.

4. Competitive advantage with offline store because of higher office rent prices in UB (office rents in the center of the UB have gone up 20-30% in the last 2-3 years).

With these new waves coming from abroad, the competions among mobile operators have become more fiercer recently even though the industry has grown steadily in the past.


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