69 new MP-s have taken oath in new parliament of Mongolia

According to leading Mongolian news portal on July 6,2012,(

  • Prime Minister of Mongolia and Chairman of MPP S.Batbold and Secretary-General U.Khurelsukh have made statement to media that  “ Steering Committee of MPP has decided that MPP caucus will participate in first session of new Parliament of Mongolia from stand point of putting first harmony and future of the nation “.  Previously, MPP Caucus stated that it will not participate in closing session of Parliament until issues related to election results will be resolved. “The committee has viewed that  issues of dispute will be resolved according to law. “

According to official website of Parliament of Mongolia on July 6,2012(

In opening speech, President of Mongolia Ts. Elbegdorj has said among other things

  • Implementation of the law is the foundation of existence of the state. People of Mongolia have decided. Many thousands of state servants have worked implementing the law
  • I have no doubt that this choice of our voters was indeed expression of their desires.  There is a requirement for you all too who became representation of common interest of our people to work speedily implementing full powers.

Further according to the website,

  • DP caucus has occupied right wing of session hall, while MPP has occupied the left
  • Chairman of General Election Committee of Mongolia N.Luvsanjav introduced election results
  • MPP MP U.Enkhtuvshin inquired from GEC regarding disputed issues related to Uvurkhangai, Khentii, Arkhangai, Orkhon, Chingeltei and Sukhbaatar electoral districts. Chairman Luvsanjav replied that district committees will resolve certain issues. GEC will not discuss court issues. It is impossible to implement manual recount proposal since this issue is not regulated by Election Law. GEC acted within its full powers and did not break law. Only court will decide in which instance law has been broken in electoral districts. Court decisions are not out except Uvurkhangai districs. Results of control count and machine count did not conflict one another.
  • There was ceremony of new Members of Parliament taking an oath
  • 69 members of Parliament are in the list of newly elected of Members of Parliament and their full powers have been validated by 100% of 69 new MP-s participating in the first session of Parliament. (In total, Parliament of Mongolia has 76 seats-Frontier Securities)

According to major Mongolian internet portal,  

  • 25 MP-s from MPP, 31 MP-s from DP, 8 MP-s from MPRP-MNDP Justice Coalition, 2 MP-s from CWGP and 3 independent MP-s have taken the oath. 3 of successful nominees from MPRP-MNDP Justice Coalition, namely O.Baasankhuu,Ts.Oyunbaatar,Ts.Tsolmon have not taken the oath as , according to, ( MPRP is waiting for Constitutional Court to resolve court complaint regarding N.Enkhbayar, S.Narangerel and E.Batshugar in proportional party list voting. According to MP L.Tsog from Justice Coalition, in case the Court rules in favor of them, N.Enkhbayar, S.Narangerel and E.Batshugar will come into the Parliament.
  • There are one mandate winners absent in Songino Khairkhan and Bayanzurkh district each, also there are issues to be resolved by electoral committee regarding successful candidates from MPP S.Chinzorig and N.Tumurkhuu in Uvurkhangai district.

According to leading Mongolian newsportal ( on July 5,2012 , “General Election Committee of Mongolia has submitted to President of Mongolia names of 72  from 76 new members of  new Parliament to be elected in 2012 elections. There will be run off elections(revoting) in two electoral districts and in Uvurkhangai district it is being investigated whether candidates from MPP S.Chinzorig and N.Tumurkhuu have breached the law on Elections and therefore it is was decided that it is not possible to submit to President.”

“New Parliament includes 31 DP MP-s, 25 MPP MP-s, 11 MPRP-MNDP Justice Coalition, 2 CWGP and 3 independents.”

According to official website of Democratic Party of Mongolia on July 5,2012 ( Chairman of DP N.Altankhuyag, DP Caucus Leader Ch. Saikhanbileg and DP General Secretary D.Erdenebat had a press conference where they stated that Chairman of the party N.Altankhuyag will be Prime Minister of new Government in line with our forecast in our research report ” ELECTION OUTLOOK: ODDS ARE IN DP’S FAVOR YET RESOURCE NATIONALISM IS TO RISE WHICHEVER PARTY WINS” of June 21,2012.

Further to the website, “Chairman N.Altankhuyag has stressed that for the first time Mongolian entered road of democracy 22 years ago, Mongolia has democratized state. This is the first time when there is democratic President, democratic Parliament Speaker, Prime Minister and democrats are majority in Capital City Citizens’ Representatives Assembly.”

To form a Government 39 seats are necessary and “Chairman of DP N.Altankhuyag has stated that DP will make coalition with a political force that will implement election platform of DP, establish justice, fight corruption and will have citizens get jobs and income.”

We continue to believe that DP will pick its ex-senior partner in Coalition Government of 2008-2012, Mongolian People’s Party, this time as its junior partner for new Coalition Government as forecasted in the abovementioned report of June 21, 2012.

We view today’s first session of Parliament as positive event of state machinery of Mongolia working again after successful free elections and is in line with our forecast of DP-MPP Coalition as we expect both parties to place national interests above party interests.

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