DP claims victory, strong showing by MPRP and independents, expected "loud voices for populism and resource nationalism in the next parliament"

According to official Website of Democratic Party of Mongolia on June 29,2012 ( , “based on information received by Election campaign headquarters of DP, nominees from DP established victory in 23 of 48 seats of 26 (majoritarian-Frontier Securities)electoral districts. By party ratings(proportional vote-Frontier Securities), it is possible for DP to take additional 13 seats, in this way there is a probability for DP to get 36 seats at minimum.”

  • “Although elections results are not finalized yet, it is certain that DP is to become a majority in new Parliament”

Further according to DP(,

  • “19 nominees from MPP, 3 nominees from MPRP-MNDP Justice Coalition and 3 independents are establishing victory”
  • “It is certain that DP is establishing victory in new Parliament with 36-39 seats”

According to major Mongolian news portal  the independents are ex-MPP independent MP Ts.Daavasuren, President of Mongolian Association of Trade Unions S.Ganbaatar and from Dornod province Kh.Bolorchuluun.

  • The victorious nominees from MPRP-MNDP Justice Coalition are lawyer L.Tsog, civil movement activist D.Battsogt, MP D.Terbishdagva

According to major Mongolian portal, ( GEC informed that nationwide voter turnout right before polls closed was 65.24%