Frontier Securities CEO: buy Mongolia now – before prices rise after elections euphoria

HONG KONG -March 26, 2012 - “There may still be political uncertainty in Mongolia before the elections but one thing is certain: if you’re thinking of buying a Mongolian investment opportunity, better consider doing it now while valuations are still cheap," said Masa Igata, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Frontier Securities speaking to Bloomberg on sidelines of annual Mines and Money Hong Kong. "It is clear that after elections euphoria, investors and hot money will rush in into the country

Potential is huge. It is 8 billion USD economy while only infrastructure project investment needs alone are 50 billion USD in coming five to seven years. They have coal, copper, iron ore, uranium and even oil, you name it, they have it. They have everything that China and other rapidly neighboring developing countries need.  It’s all basically untapped, it has been developed for only 2 -3 years.

This is just a beginning.

While we worry about resource nationalism in coming elections in June and other issues such as inflation, we believe that Mongolia has become realistic about need to be competitive to attract and keep foreign investment. Politicians are very bright, speak fluent English. They know how to balance. They know how to manage. Now they realize that Mongolia’s location between Russia and China is important location that in reliance with the USA, Japan, Korea and other countries can bring them huge benefits.”

About Frontier Securities

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