In latest MSE developments,  on 10/17/2011 by issuance of additional shares Sharyn Gol ( SJG) has raised successfully 18.3 B MNT (14.2M USD) on MSE. It’s a first Mongolian mining company to raise this amount of capital in domestic market.

MSE TOP20 Index down 1.79% mom in September compared to 5.18% mom in August 2011, but still 33.73% YTD.

Market cap 2T MNT compared to 2.05T MNT(1.63B USD) in August and compared to 2.15T MNT(1.75B USD) in July

  • September turnover is 32B MNT(24 M USD) compared to August turnover  116B MNT(93m USD) compared to July’s 25B MNT(20M USD) which includes
  • 26B MNT Government bonds compared to 110B MNT(88M USD)in August and compared to July’s 18.9B MNT(15M USD)
  • 2B MNT(1.5M USD)of stocks compared to 6.4B MNT(5.1M USD) of stocks in August and compared 6.2B MNT(5.1M USD) in July
  • September volume for stocks is 4.7M shares compared to August volume for stocks ‘s23.5M shares and compared to July volume 3.3M shares
  • 262 thousand issues of Government bonds and 384 thousand issues of corporate bonds compared to 1.09M issues of bonds in August and compared to 189.9 thousand issues of bonds in July
  • Average daily turnover is 1.5B MNT(1.1M USD) compared to 5B MNT(4M USD) compared 1.4B MNT(1.1M USD)in July
  • average daily volume is 247thousand securities compared to 1.02M securities in August compared to 184,000 securities in July
  • Total trades YTD 34794 compared to 31919 in August and compared to 28141 in July YTD  including 2875 trades in September and 3778 in August compared to 2318 in July
  • 10491 brokerage accounts opened in September compared to 12156 brokerage accounts opened in August compared to 9827 brokerage accounts opened in July and compared to 9608 in June
  • most liquid stocks in September were Mongol Emimpex Pharmaceuticals with 2.4M shares, concrete mix producer RMC with 1.1M shares compared to 2.67M shares in August and compared with 0.749 M shares in July, construction materials marketplace HRS with volume of 0.39M shares compared to 0.4M shares in August,resort developer JTB with 02 M shares compared to 0.9M shares in August, steel structure producer HGN
  • top gainer stocks with relatively large volume – Mongol Emimpex Pharmaceuticals with 2.4M shares and rise of 14.83%, Berkh Uul Coal with volume of 44029 shares and rise of 91.75%, Dornod Yoson Erdene with 8257 shares, Sudut with 7622
  • top loser liquid stocks -  HRS Germes Center with 393917 shares and down 11.86% mom, JTB Jenco Tour Bureau with 393 917 shares and down 11.89%, UID State Department Store with volume of 36400 shares and down 15.47%, Mongolian Development Resources with 16814 shares, Mon Telecommunication with 15814, Sharyn Gol with volume of 10389 shares and down 12.14%
  • number of 63 brokerages has not changed compared to 49 brokerages in July, top 5 brokers in September  BDsec, TDB Capital, Monsec, Northensec and Frontier Securities

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