Post Conference Report of Invest Mongolia Tokyo on November 19

Dear Valued Clients,

I am very pleased to announce that 6th Invest Mongolia Tokyo has successfully finished on November 19, 2018. The event has attracted about 20 speakers and 250 attendees and 160 organizations.

Invest Mongolia Tokyo aimed to address following opportunities, risks and concerns that have been put forward by the investment communities from Mongolia, Japan and other nations.

Through the presentations and panels, participants have gained the opportunities to understand different angles of approaches from politicians, authorities, banks, lawyers and investors. At the same time, exchanging the ideas with others during breaks and the networking events have been very stimulating for them.

The conference was well received by participants because of following reasons.

First of all, the political relations between Japan and North East Asia particularly with those with Russia and China are improving significantly in the last 12 months and therefore, the relationship with Japan and Mongolia which lies between China and Russia is becoming more and more important.

Secondly, the conference was timely because it was held at the time when Mongolia economy is picking up gradually because of the recent rise of the coal price and the financial assistance from International monetary fund (IMF) and Japan.

Thirdly, some Japanese companies, particularly the SMEs have started to enter into Mongolia.

So, participants could get the most updated perspectives of

1. The improving political situation of North East Asia and the relationship with Mongolia and Japan

2. The current economic condition in Mongolia and the vulnerability of the coal driven economy.

3. The still weak impact of EPA and the necessity to modify it to accommodate the business demands.

4. The current situation of Japanese SMEs who have started to enter into Mongolia and their challenges.

5. The update of Mongolian Stock Exchange and the possible IPO of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi (ETT).

6. The measures to improve the supply chain of Agriculture industry in Mongolia and the supports from Japan.

7. The agreements on Asian Super Grid by the leaders of the five nations (Mongolia, Japan, China, Russia and Korea ) and the opportunities for Mongolia and Japan.

8. The rapidly changing financial innovation in Mongolia and the changes of the business model of a telecom company in Mongolia.

9. The recent important legislative changes in Mongolia.

10.The proposals to the Government from Japan

11. The strong interest by Mongolian Government to improve the investment climate.

Lastly, I would like to thank the supporting organizations. The conference was supported by Government of Mongolia, National Development Agency, JICA, YAMOH and many others. Also, BD Sec and some others have supported the event. Without their commitments, the conference could not be materialized.

We want to organize the event annually and want to come back to Tokyo in November 2019. So, we welcome more active participation to the event from each of you next year.

Please click here to view the Post Conference Report.

Thank you very much for attending the conference.

Best Regard,

Masa Igata
Founder & CEO
Frontier Securities