Type of Roles Available

The securities industry is a fast-paced exciting place to begin a career. Even if you have worked in another industry or financial company, being so close to the markets at Frontier will be different. We offer opportunities in a variety of positions and career tracks and we do so knowing that our employees will continue to make Frontier a great place to work. In addition to the descriptions of our business and support areas on other pages, below is a summary of the types of roles available at our firm. 

Conference Planning

Frontier has been organizing Invest Mongolia Conferences both in Ulaanbaatar and in Tokyo. The conference in UB this year has attracted 700 people and the conference has become the largest and most well known conference for investors. The Tokyo conference has attracted 400 people. We want to hire both short term and long term employees and interns to support the conferences. 

Investment Banking 

This is where deals are made and transactions are completed to fulfill our clients’ needs. Investment bankers work in an exciting world in which deals can be struck in hours or over several years – and everything in between. Our clients rely on the expertise of our team for capital raising – from equity and bond issuance to the most sophisticated structured transactions tailored to meet specific needs. Frontier also provides advice on mergers and acquisitions (M & A), financial restructuring, and privatization, and occasionally entire companies trade hands under the guidance of our bankers.  However, currently, we are not looking for any candidates for this position.

Frontier offers our clients insights on companies, sectors, markets, interest rates, currencies, etc. We are the first investment bank in Mongolia publishing a weekly report on the market and clients seek out our analysts to help make critical investment decisions. Whether in Equity Research or Fixed Income Research, we train our analysts to be able to express their viewpoints using the latest data and tools available, and even new analysts begin publishing early in their careers. However, currently, we are not looking for any candidates for this position.