Message from CEO

The investment climate on Mongolia should best still be cautious. 

Good news are improving commodity markets, signing of Oyu Tolgoi underground at the end of December and relatively resilient foreign exchange.

However, we are still cautious on the country outlook. 

We also belive followings should be valued by Government  for foreign investors to come back to this market.

1. Importance of consistency of policies even after the general election
2. Importance of treating existing investors in Mongolia well to attract new investors
3. Importance of strong leadership and committement of politicians to regain trust from investors
4. Weaker chinese economy / global commodity prices and the necessity to downsize the economy of Mongolia
5. Imminent pressure to refocus policies to the “true market economy” through becoming smaller, efficient Government who simply supports real business to drive the economy

Please access to the following link here to read more about our ideas.

Masa Igata
Frontier Securities