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  • Маса Игата: Энэ жил Монголчуудад 2011 оноос хойш олдож байгаа маш том боломж

    "Инвест Монголиа" хөрөнгө оруулалтын чуулган зохион байгуулагч Маса Игата захиралын "Өдрийн сонины" 2018 оны 1-р сарын 30-нд өгсөн ярилцлага бүрэн эхээрээ

    Ярилцлагыг ЭНД ДАРЖ уншина уу
  • 11-р сарын 24нд болсон Инвест Монголиа Токио Чуулганы тайлан

    Эрхэм хүндэт Түншид,

    "Инвест Монголиа Токио" хөрөнгө оруулагчдын 5 дахь удаагийн чуулга уулзалт нь 2017 оны 11-р сарын 24-ний өдөр амжилттай зохион байгуулагдаж өнгөрснийг танд мэдэгдэхэд таатай байна. Тус чуулга уулзалт нь 10 улсын 205 компани, байгууллагаас оролцсон 37 илтгэгч, 280 оролцогчийг хамарч зохион байгуулагдлаа.
    Инвест Монголиа Токио нь Монгол, Япон, болон бусад улсуудын хөрөнгө оруулагчдын зүгээс дэвшүүлэн тавьж буй дараах боломж бололцоо, эрсдэл, сэтгэл зовоосон асуудлыг хөндөж хэлэлцэх зорилготой байсан.
    Оролцогчид нь илтгэл, панель хэлэлцүүлгээр дамжуулж улстөрчид, удирдах газрын ажилтнууд, банк, хуулийн компани, хөрөнгө оруулагчдын өөр өөр чиг хандлагыг ойлгож мэдэх боломжтой байсан юм. Үүнтэй нэгэн зэрэг, цайны завсарлага, мэдээлэл солилцох уулзалтын үеэр бусад хүмүүстэй үзэл бодлоо хуваалцсан нь оролцогчдын хувьд ихээхэн ач холбогдолтой байлаа.

    Чуулганы тайлан ЭНД ДАРЖ үзнэ үү


    Маса Игата
    Фронтиер Секьюритийз 
    Үүсгэн байгуулагч бөгөөд Ерөнхий захирал
  • インベスト・モンゴリア東京(2017年11月24日)のレポート送付の件


    ここに第5回インベストモンゴリア東京が2017年11月24日に、37名のスピーカーと280名の参加者を集め、成功裏に終わりましたことをご報告します。この会議に御出席いただいた方にはモンゴルに関するさまざまな角度からのお話を聞いて頂きました。そしてモンゴルの事業家、国際機関、日モ双方の政財界の方々との ネットワーク及び交流を通じて皆様の友好の輪が広がったことを嬉しく思います。また、今回の会議では昨年以上に、いい意味でモンゴル政府からの関与、関心が強くなった印象を持っております。会議で議論されたモンゴル政府への提言が今後政策として実現されることを期待しております。


    井形 正晃
    及びインベスト・モンゴリア ・カンファランス事務局
  • Post Conference Report of Invest Mongolia Tokyo on November 24

    Dear Valued Clients,

    I am very pleased to announce that 5th Invest Mongolia Tokyo has successfully finished on November 24, 2017. The event has attracted about 37 speakers and 280 attendees from 10 countries and 205 organizations.

    Invest Mongolia Tokyo aimed to address following opportunities, risks and concerns that have been put forward by the investment communities from Mongolia, Japan and other nations.
    Through the presentations and panels, participants have gained the opportunities to understand different angles of approaches from politicians, authorities, banks, lawyers and investors. At the same time, exchanging the ideas with others during breaks and the networking events have been very stimulating for them.

    Please click HERE to view Post Conference Report
  • Masa Igata has become Senior Advisor of Emerging Markets Capital in HK

    Frontier Securities is pleased to announce that Mr. Masa Igata, CEO has been appointed as senior advisor at Emerging Markets Capital, a private mining investing firm based in Hong Kong. The firm invests primarily in mining equities listed on the TSX and ASX, through both private placements and through the secondary market.
    The firm helps Canadian and Australian companies it invests in to access capital markets in Asia as well as to build strategic relations with the large mining companies and mineral off-takers in Asia. It invests in a mix of pre-discovery, exploration, development and producing companies across jurisdictions but with a strong preference for Canada, Australia, Mexico, Mongolia and South America. It is commodity agnostic, but has a strong preference for precious metals (gold and silver), base metals (copper, zinc andlead[J1] ) and energy minerals (lithium, graphite and HPA).

    Emerging Markets Capital also invests directly into exploration properties it controls as well as exploration properties it is developing in JV with Asian partners, including a nickel laterite exploration project in the Philippines and a silver exploration project in Mexico.

    Emerging Markets Capital is also a seed investor in Intercontinental Energy, a visionary company based in Hong Kong developing a portfolio of large renewable energy projects to transmit electricity across countries via sub-sea cable

    For more details of the company, please access at

    Frontier Securities
  • Key takeaways from Invest Mongolia on Sep 4-5 / “Инвест Монголиа-2017 Улаанбаатар” Чуулганаас гарсан зөвлөмж бичиг

    Frontier Securities has met with new Cabinet Members and other senior Government officials this week to explain about the key takeaways and proposals from important stakeholders (Investors, International financial institutions, business leaders and embassies etc) to improve the investment climate and increase the FDI in Mongolia.

    Please click here to get to know more in details.  
    Та дэлгэрэнгүйг мэдээллийг энд дарж орж үзнэ үү.

    The feedback is generally very good. And, it was good to know that they are willing to reflect the voices to make the strategies of the new cabinet. 

    At the same time, we will evaluate their performance at Invest Mongolia on Sep 4-5, 2018.

    Dear All,

    I am extremely happy to inform you that Invest Mongolia 2017 has been a great success. We managed to attract distinguished speakers from both public and private sector and record high number of audience at a time when the city hosted Coal Mongolia and Discover Mongolia at the same week!
    You can find several statistics in our summary section. We discussed following points and tried to come up with actionable proposals for government of Mongolia which will be announced by the end of October.

    Please click here to view the Post Conference report.

    In your service,

    Masa Igata
    Founder & CEO
    Frontier Securities
  • Investment Banking

    Frontier offers innovative and effective solutions, as well as value-added advisory services from a special pool of resources to assist corporations, private companies and government related agencies to achieve their financial and corporate goals.

    We deliver strong results to our clients by understanding our clients’ needs and the requirements set by various regulatory authorities not only Mongolia, but in other foreign countries as well.

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  • Advisory & Consulting

    Frontier Securities provides strategic and technical Advisory & Consulting service customized to our clients. Our clients range from local companies, through the foreign companies and international organizations, to government institutions. We are also active in research of both domestic and foreign economic issues and formation of policy recommendation, as well as consulting in a wide range of fields such as corporate strategies and project feasibility.

    In addition, we provide analyses and surveys for companies expanding their business into Mongolian market.