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  • Frontier's 4th Annual Conference Invest Mongolia Tokyo on Dec 7-8 2016

    Dear All,

    I am very pleased to announce that 4th Invest Mongolia Tokyo has successfully finished on Dec 7-8, 2016. See more details at HERE.

    The event, together with the Business Matching Event on Dec 8 which was organized by Mongolian Embassy in Japan, have attracted 40 speakers and 300 attendees. 

    Invest Mongolia Tokyo aimed to address following opportunities, risks and concerns that have been put forward by the investment communities from Mongolia, Japan and other nations. Through the presentations and panels, participants have gained the opportunities to understand different angles of approaches from politicians, authorities, banks, lawyers and investors. At the same time, exchanging the ideas with others during coffee breaks and the networking events have been very stimulating for them.

    The conference was well received by participants because of following reasons.

    First of all, although the economic condition in Mongolia was even worth than the previous year, the price of minerals such as coal and copper have been up significantly. In addition, some rumors were discussed regarding how to rescue the economic crisis in Mongolia. So, the sense of the bottoming out of the economy were shared both by the authorities in Mongolia and the Japanese investors.

    Secondly, the conference was timely because Prime Minister Erdenebat has visited Japan less than two month before the conference. Therefore, there were lots of topics to be updated.

    Thirdly, Frontier has successfully invited many key decision makers, opinion leaders and investors to the conference.

    So, participants could get the most updated perspectives of…

    1. The political outlook in Mongolia until 2020 and the leadership of Mongolian People’s Party.

    2. The current economic condition in Mongolia and the drivers for the recovery.

    3. Government Hour has invited several parliament members and discussed about the action plan to regain trust from investors.

    4. The opportunities and risks for Japanese small to mid-sized corporations to do business in Mongolia. 

    5. The investment opportunities in distressed assets (especially in banking, real estate, mining and sovereign) in Mongolia.  

    6. The general legal update in Mongolia and developments and the opportunities in energy and infrastructure sector.

    Lastly, I would like to thank our sponsors and supporting organizations. The conference was supported by Embassy of Mongolia in Japan, the Mongolian students’ Association in Japan and many others. Also, Hogan Lovells (Mongolia) LLP, Oriental Invest, Canadian embassy in Mongolia and Prophecy Development were our valuable premier sponsors. 

    Without their commitments, the conference could not be materialized.

    We want to organize the event annually and want to come back to Tokyo in December 2017. So, we welcome more active participation to the event from each of you in 2017.

    Thank you very much for attending the conference.

    Best Regard,

    Masa Igata
    Founder & CEO
    Frontier Securities
  • “Япон-Монголын Бизнес уулзалт” зохион байгуулах тухай мэдэгдэл

    Монгол Улсаас Япон улсад суугаа Элчин сайдын яам нь 12-р сарын 7-ны өдөр Токио хотноо “Инвест Монголиа” чуулга уулзалт зохион байгуулагдахтай холбогдуулан чуулга уулзалтын төлөөлөгч болон монголын хувийн хэвшлийн төлөөлөгчдөд зориулан 12-р сарын 8-ны өдөр Япон-Монгол “Бизнесийн мэдээлэл солилцох уулзалт”-ыг зохион байгуулахаар болов.
    “Инвест Монголиа” чуулга уулзалтад оролцохоор Монгол Улсын Их Хурлын гишүүн болон Засгийн газрын холбогдох албан тушаалтан, хувийн хэвшил, бизнесийн байгууллагын төлөөлөл нийт 60 гаруй хүн Монгол Улсаас Япон Улсыг зорьж ирэх юм. Эдгээр төлөөлөгчид дунд уул уурхай, банк санхүү, үл хөдлөх хөрөнгө, худалдаа арилжаа, хөдөө аж ахуй зэрэг салбарыг хамарсан хувийн хэвшлийн 30 гаруй пүүс компаний төлөөлөл орж байгаа юм.

    Бизнес уулзалтын талаархи дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээлэлийг энд дарж үзнэ үү 
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